Lamar Odom Hooked On OxyContin, Ambien, & Cocaine? (DETAILS) | Global Grind

It turns out, things might be worse than we thought, since reports are surfacing of just what life is like when the cameras go off. According to Radar Online , the Kardashian family fears the NBA star could be hooked on drugs such as OxyContin and Ambien. A source told the site: Lamar has lost a ton of weight in the last few months which triggered a lot of the concern amongst the family, Lamar does not want to go to rehab because pre-season training camps are just around the corner, He just doesnt care about anyone or anything right now. He has had it with the Kardashians and just wants to be left alone.

Report: Lamar Odom has had ‘hardcore drug abuse’ problem for two years | SI Wire

Though the 33-year-old Odom who is a free agent after playing for the Los Angeles Clippers last season resisted rehab, he stayed clean throughout the 2012-13 NBA season before slipping deep back into hardcore recreational drugs, TMZ reports. From It got so bad, last August Khloe pressured Lamar to go to rehab. Lamar went to a facility in San Diego, but he was so resistant Khloe hired private investigators to secretly stand guard at the rehab place to make sure he didnt leave. The P.I.s stood guard 24/7. Our sources say Lamar constantly threatened to leave and Khloe made several visits to prevail upon him to stay. Were told after 3 weeks, Lamar left for good. The family staged an intervention this week that Odom resisted, leading Kardashian to throw him out of the house. Were told the situation has become dire. Sources tell us within the last 2 days, the entire family staged an intervention, trying to convince Lamar to go back to rehab, but he wouldnt have any of it.

Snapshot: Meet Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West

A drug problem might explain Odoms terrible struggles with the Dallas Mavericks during the 2011-12 season. Odom was a huge disappointment in 52 games with the Mavericks, averaging just 6.6 points and 4.4 rebounds per game before having a falling out with owner Mark Cuban and leaving the team late in the season. The rehab apparently did Odom some good as he stayed clean while playing with the Los Angeles Clippers last season, according to the report even if his numbers (4.0 points and 5.9 rebounds per game) didnt reflect any sort of significant change. Odom has reportedly fallen back into the drug habit since the end of the season, though, forcing Kardashian to kick him out of his own house until he gets clean. Odom is currently a free agent, although the Clippers have expressed interest in re-signing him. Well see if this news makes them, or any team for that matter, skeptical about adding the big man. Photo of the Day Just a little leapfrog at the Meadowlands.

Report: Lamar Odom Has ‘Hardcore Recreational Drug’ Problem, Marriage to Khloe Kardashian in Crisis | Daily Blend |

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Kim Kardashian podría estar embarazada nuevamente | En el Chisme |

La socialite dio a luz a su primogenita North West el pasado 15 de junio y supuestamente ya se embarazo otra vez. Una fuente de la publicacion cuenta que ella ya les dijo a sus amigos, quienes se quedaron atonitos con la noticia. /La Botana Domingo, 25/08/2013


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